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The Good Samaritan Restoration Station Men's Home

The Birth of the Vision

When I became Director of the Good Samaritan Training Center in 2001, we were located in a small store front on Wilson Way in Stockton.  We offered food boxes, clean and mended clothing, counseling and prayer to the families that came in for assistance.  Seeing the needs of some of our men’s clients that suffered drug and alcoholism, I realized a men’s home would be the right thing for the Good Samaritan Center to do.  So, we began to look for properly zoned properties.  Having faith and believing that somehow a property would be donated since we had no money raised at that time.

For the next several years of searching no properties were donated.  In spring of 2009 we started circulating requests to our community for donations. Our monthly pledges built up to receiving $1,260.00 a month.  In the fall of 2009 Tranquility Day Spa raised $500 and our total then reached over $9,000.00.  By the spring of 2010 the Good Samaritan Center had $18,304.00 raised in our first year of fundraising.

Around that time, we relocated to a larger building at 1331 East Fremont St Stockton and we rented out part of that space.  Our food distribution was growing and we also opened up a thrift store in the building. We noticed right away it had the potential of housing a men’s home in the upstairs area.

Making The Move

The original asking price for the whole building was 1.5 million and through much prayer and God’s intervention we purchased the building for $299,000.00 having the hopes of eventually using the 2nd floor for our men’s home.  In 2015 we had raised $69.000.00 for the project and we brought David Miraflor from Line2Design as a consultant to see if we could get our Use Permit.  At that time, he estimated that the remodel would cost around $200,000.00.  

Several times over the next several years, the architectural draft failed to be approved.  The building code required one more foot width for the parking in the back area.  We needed 51 feet and only had 50 feet.  Further back in that area is our carport for the thrift store storage.  The City was requiring to tear down the carport and use it for parking in order to have the men’s home project approved.  That would have severely affected the thrift store storage area which helps bring in revenue to sustain the Good Samaritan Center and the men’s home project.  In 2019 our total raised was up to $124,000.00 and David Miraflor submitted another draft to the City for the parking.  He was denied again. Then he changed the parking lot draft by receiving a 20% variant reduction in parking space. The city allowed compact car and bicycle parking which allotted more room. With that draft they allowed us to keep the carport for some storage room for the thrift store.

The Final Approval Moving Forward

Finally, the rough draft approval for The Restoration Station Men’s Home came in the winter of 2022. Faith moves mountains. The past couple years our fundraising totals brought us up to $265,000.00 for our project through other means such as TNT fireworks sales, fundraising dinners and a record-breaking year for our thrift store.  Unfortunately, with the new political environment our estimated project cost doubled to $500,000.00.  But can we ask the question “How much is a soul worth?”  Not just the soul of a man but his role as a husband and a father.  The whole family suffers without that. So going forth we have now hired David Miraflor to draft the full building plans that should be approved toward the end of 2022.  David also mentioned that if we have an Owner/Builder status vs a Licensed Contractor status we can save money.  He also stated he will help with this.  This is such a blessing.  

We will be in need of plumbers, electricians, framers and some general laborers and other helpers when the approval of the building documents are accepted.    Can you help?  Our current plans are to work Monday through Saturday.  Any day or days would be welcomed. The Restoration Station Transitional Men’s Home will be centered around Jesus Christ.  Daily prayer, bible studies and attending church services will be required.  This will enable them to build a foundation of faith that they may become productive Christians in our community.

  • We plan to invite Mayor Kevin Lincoln to our opening along with all of you who had a part of this project.  We at the Good Samaritan would like to thank-you for your consideration.  

Men's Home News Letter "Click Here"

We asking can you please pledge your support we really can use you help. 
Contact David Coxton at:

Psalm 127 says, "Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.  Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain."

The verse reveals the key to success in any endeavor is God's absolute sovereignty over every person and event.  In any activity, we need God's blessing.  All that we accomplish in life will be for naught if the Lord is not in it.  We can "build," and we can "watch," but it is the Lord who gives success. "We Give God The Glory!"

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