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clothing distribution center


The GSTC clothing distribution includes clean and mended clothing, provided throughout the year.  There are coats and blankets during the winter and clean socks and underwear when available.    Many of our homeless clients use this resource for clean clothes.  We have distributed 4,000,000 articles of clothing since its inception in 1992. 



Our prayer hotline enables a person in need to request prayer through our phone message system.  The Staff will receive those prayer requests on the following open day and will pray for their needs and call them back if they request us to do so.

The GSTC volunteer staff is God-fearing and they take the time to listen to the families' needs.  Bible studies and prayer are offered to help guide the needs of our clients.  Current job listings are also offered to those looking for work.  We also collaborate with our community resources to best provide help for our clients.

The GSTC provides a balanced food box including dry packaged food including pastas, cereal, and granola bars.  It also includes canned foods such as vegetables, fruit, tomato spaghetti sauce, and a variety of soups.   The GSTC also offers frozen meats including lunch meat, packaged chicken, pork and beef along with bread.  Some snack treats are also included such as cookies, pastries etc.  On occasion we are able to provide fresh eggs, milk, yogurt, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our food boxes average 35-70 pounds according to the number of people in the household.  Over the years we have distributed approximately 15,000 pounds of food monthly.  There are an average of 300-500 families that receive assistance monthly.  The Center has fed 6,000,000 meals to the poor and needy since opening in 1992.  A recent survey reported over 1,500 unsheltered homeless people in our community.  The GSTC also includes a sack lunch program for these types of people.

The Center receives funding through a grant from the United Way of San Joaquin County, KYCC radio (90.1 Your Christian Companion), grants that also include DOT foods in Modesto, canned food drives from schools, businesses and organizations. Our cash donations allow us to purchase food from The Second Harvest Food Bank in Manteca for pennies on the dollar.

Food and nutrition information is now available to all those with special health needs, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity.  This information helps our clients to educate themselves to help them control their health issues.  Our posted notice includes information about eating from healthy food groups, reading and understanding food labels and encouraging exercising daily. 

court-ordered community service


Hours can be worked off at our facility.  Openings available at the thrift store including stocking, sorting and cleaning merchandise.  Food distribution would be stocking food shelves and assisting with this distribution.  Clothes closet sorting and stocking clothes.  Vehicle donation program includes repairs, cleaning and detailing cars.  Janitorial includes offices, bathroom and vacuuming carpets.  

restoration station men's home
future service


Our intake procedure will include a screening process.  The requirement is a desire to have sobriety, a Christ-centered life and to be accessible to job training.  Their short-term goals will include daily disciplines which include personal hygiene, daily chores, consistent daily prayer and bible studies. We will teach and offer these men new birth experiences.

This 4 to 12 week period will allow the men to find sobriety, a feeling of dignity, and thus becoming functional and responsible.  There will be random drug testing through the length of stay.

The Restoration Station's job training programs, will include thrift store stocking and sorting donations, determining values and pricing of donations, learning to run a cash register, building maintenance (janitorial) and vehicle repairs through our car donation program.  Also a lawn and garden crew will be working in our community.  Those seeking higher education can receive a grant funding for their aftercare.  These positions will not only provide job training, but will also create a bank account, which will allow us to provide housing placement at the end of the 6 month to 1 year program.  The Restoration Station Men’s Home is a charity extension of the Good Samaritan Training Center, at no cost to the men in our community seeking help.


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