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Staff and Volunteers

The Good Samaritan Center’s Ministry Staff is made up of God-fearing men and women that

had an experience with God that changed their lives. Some of these Staff members had that

experience at The Good Samaritan when they came in for services before they wanted to

volunteer. They are able to make up their own schedule depending on the days and hours they want or can give. Matthew 25:35 For I was hungered and you gave me meat, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you took me in, naked and you clothed me. 40 As so much as you’ve done it unto the least of these my brethren, you’ve done it onto me.

Our Team

Person Centered Services Day Program for People with Developmental Disabilities help the Good Samaritan Center every Friday with general cleaning and hanging clothes for our clients in need

This group feels a sense of acceptance at the Good Samaritan and when they leave they feel a sense of accomplishment.

Special Thanks to Our 2022 "Thanks for Thanksgiving" Volunteers  

The Good Samaritan Training Center gave our community a reason to be thankful during the Thanksgiving Holiday.  We distributed around 300 turkey baskets with the help of 6 of our Board members, our Good Samaritan staff and  with brother Lawrence Cogo’s anointed photography of the event.  

2nd Harvest Food Bank donated 100 turkeys along with KYCC’s ongoing financial contribution which purchased another 200 turkeys along with some of the trimmings.  Potatoes, dressing, fruit and vegetables.  This year’s event again was held at the Good Samaritan Training Center where we offered refreshments, cookies and chips, along with prayer offices inside to offer encouragement and help through faith in Jesus Christ. Then after that the people got in line and received their turkey baskets some teary eyed.  This year’s program God drew well over half our families into the prayer offices.  Only the things we do for Christ will last.


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2022 Operation Dreamkeeper

Thoughts on Dreamkeeper                  

by Executive Director David Cloxton

Operation Dreamkeeper Christmas program showed children and their families in our community the reason for this Holiday season. In today’s world we are finding it harder and harder to hear anyone say “Merry Christmas”, but that wasn’t the case at the Good Samaritan Operation Dreamkeeper Christmas program.  Our whole event was centered around the birth of Jesus Christ and stating “Merry Christmas” many times over.  

This year’s program saw around nearly 950 children signed up for our party, which again was held at the Good Samaritan Training Center. We again used staggered ticket times to ensure an even flow and crowd control.  One volunteer stated when the children entered into the Good Samaritan and saw the Nativity and the decorations then heard the Christmas story and felt God’s love for them, they realized the meaning was way more than just a toy give-away!  Some children never knew it was more than just a Holiday.

The event began at 9am with families lining up on the sidewalk on East Fremont Street right off Airport Way.  We offered crosswalk security for families from where they parked.  They passed by our hot chocolate & cookie booth which brought chocolate smiles on their faces.  As they saw a beautiful decorated fence filled with signs sharing God’s love.  One sign stated “A 1,000 times in history a baby became a king, but only once in history did a king become a baby.”

All the children with tickets received an age and gender appropriate brand-new wrapped toy which ranged in price from $13 to around $70. The underaged children received a brand-new stuffed animal. Our Dreamkeeper staff included Spanish speaking volunteers for our Spanish speaking families.   After the Nativity being seen and hearing the story almost all of our families went back to the prayer rooms to get prayer.  After receiving their prayer, people were seen wiping away tears.  “The LORD is near to them who have a broken heart and  saves such that has a contrite spirit.” Psalm 34:18, 19.  Also, 36 of the children randomly received brand-new bicycles.  The older children were given mountain bikes.  After that, many made a decision to go to church.  It was hard to get an accurate total but we know that 41 Spanish speaking were in attendance from the Dreamkeeper program.  This only happened because Jesus showed up at this year’s event. 


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